Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your home. Not only does it increase the overall lifespan of the structure, but it also improves property value and adds extra protection during those difficult seasons. When you hire a qualified and responsible roofing company, you don’t even need to do any extra work. Instead, the company will take care of all of the prep, roof removal, placement, and clean up afterward. However, there are still a few things you can do to simplify the process and ensure roof replacement goes as smoothly as possible.

Yard Preparation

One of the greatest things homeowners can do to assist roofers is keeping the yard cleaned and maintained, so there are few obstacles or hazards. Roofers will bring their own tarps to catch debris that falls – such as nails – but they also need the yard clear for easy walking and transportation. There also needs to be a designated location for their dumpster, which will be used to toss out old shingles and roofing materials.

To help facilitate your roof replacement, consider doing the following:

  • Clear the Yard – Roofers need to cross the yard and find dropped items, so it’s best to pick up any toys or patio furniture. This also protects the items from the hazards of roofing.
  • Move Any Vehicles – Many shingles are going to be dropped, and they can damage cars. Move cars into a garage or onto the street to protect them. This should also help to provide space for the dumpster in the driveway.
  • Protect Your Plants – Professionals will do their best to avoid your garden, but it’s still a good idea to place netting over trees and flowers to make them as visible as possible. Tell the project leader where the garden is and ask that it be given a wide berth for better protection.
  • Cut the Grass – Unkempt lawns are difficult to navigate and provide plenty of places where dropped shingles and nails can get lost. Mow the grass to make it easy to find misplaced items.
  • Inform Your Neighbors – Roofing is a loud, messy business that could disrupt nearby homes. If you tell your neighbors in advance, they have a chance to be away for the day and prepare their own yards to protect plants and vehicles from potential hazards.

Home Preparation

Even though the roofers won’t go inside, the process of roof replacement can shake the entire home. These vibrations travel through the walls and can be disruptive to interior decorations and residents, so it’s important to make some minor preparations before the big day. These include:

  • Protecting the Attic – Because of its proximity to the roof, the attic bears the brunt of the disruption. Dust will fall, and the floor will shake, so it’s important to remove valuables and lay down tarps to catch debris.
  • Removing Decorations – The walls will vibrate, so it’s best to take down décor like pictures, clocks, and wall hangings, so they don’t fall.
  • Protecting Windows – Windows are fragile, and there will be many hard materials being thrown into the dumpster or falling off of the roof. Remember to have the roofers place wooden boards and planks over the windows to protect them.
  • Emptying Cabinets – People often store their valuables like dishes and figurines in wall cabinets, but these will shake from the vibrations traveling through the walls. This often results in broken possessions, so it’s better to remove breakables and store them in boxes on the floor.

Other Things to Consider

Roofing is loud and disruptive, so many people prefer not to be home. If you can, stay with friends or family, or send the children and pets to remain with a relative until the process is done. If you can’t do so, be ready to keep everyone inside and out of the work zone and consider a way to comfort pets, who might be disturbed by the noise.

After the replacement, inspect the roof and your yard. Professional roofers will be glad to fix any mistakes that were made, such as a shingle being knocked loose before it could set or some tools or debris being left in the yard. At the end of the day, all you then need to do is enjoy your new roof!


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