Roof Restoration in Houston

Roof Restoration in Houston

Roofs are one of the most important parts of a structure because they keep the walls bound together and prevent the elements from compromising the building’s structure. There are many reasons to call a roof repair in Houston. The reality is roofs will fail, and when they do, it is often by small margins such as a small leak here and there. In terms of Houston roofing services, few companies have a sterling reputation like Beck Roofing and Restoration. In terms of the best roofers near me, this company has a sterling reputation. Whether it’s small roof repairs or larger jobs like roof restoration, Beck’s professionals get the job done right the first time.

What is Roof Restoration?

A roof isn’t just what covers the home. It is an essential part of the home’s system. Roof restoration is different than getting a brand-new roof because you are reusing the existing, good parts of the roof to complete the job. For roof repair near me in Houston, a roof restoration is preferred by folks who don’t want to rip off the whole roof. Instead, roof restoration focuses on getting the roof back to health. This is where the tiles may be repairs along with the mortar holding them in place. There are cosmetic aspects as well. Keeping the roof in tip-top shape keeps water out of the roof.

What are the Benefits of Roof Restoration?

The biggest benefit of roof restoration is cost. Instead of spending $18-$22 per square foot for a new roof, you will pay between $6-$9 for a restored roof. Whether it is residential or commercial roof repair in Houston, these are massively important savings. Other savings for residential and commercial roofing in Houston include tax breaks for restored roofs. The immense savings are a major reason that roof restoration is such a great way to get extended life out of the roof.


Having a great roof means caring for that roof. Make sure that you know right away if your roof is a candidate for restoration by giving the folks at Beck Roofing and Restoration a call. Learn more about their services by visiting

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