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Questions You Should Ask When Hiring A trustworthy Contractor In Houston

One of the biggest home repair expenses can be your roof replacement. This makes it imperative to hire a good, well-respected, and trustworthy roofing contractor in Houston.

To find out if you are working with good contractors it is important to ask some questions as it helps in learning a lot about them. This will also help you in choosing someone trustworthy for roof restoration in Houston, TX.

Are you insured?

It is a good idea to ask the roofer in Richmond if they are insured along with taking steps for verifying it. If any damage occurs to the home or if someone gets injured on the job, the contractor’s insurance should be able to cover it. You should get the insurance policy information and a certificate of insurance from the contractor and get it reviewed from your insurance agent.

Do you recommend stripping the roof down to the deck?

Some roofs may have damaged that can affect the performance of the new roof unless it is repaired. For that reason, the contractors will usually recommend removing the old shingles, underlayment, ice and water protectors, drip edges, and flashing. This will allow the contractor in Houston to see if the roof deck needs any repairs. In some cases, the existing shingles can be recovered by putting new shingles over the top of old ones. Check with your local building code as two layers of roof shingles  if the most that many codes allow.

How will you protect my landscaping?

Stripping the old roof off the house can be a messy process so make sure to ask your contractor how they will avoid damaging your yard. When owners have flowers, plants, and delicate greenery surrounding the house, all of it can be damaged by debris falling from the roof.

What is the area of my roof in Houston?

This is one of the most important questions as it helps in determining the cost of replacing your roof. The area and size of the roof determines how much material will be needed and how long will the job take. You can also get the estimates yourself from a professional.

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