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Metal roofing systems are quickly becoming a popular residential roofing option for many homeowners in the Richmond area. For years, and sometimes even today, people have been reluctant to install a metal rooftop due to several myths circulating the material. However, while some of them might have been true in the past, many are no longer accurate due to advancements made to the roofing material. At Beck Roofing & Restoration, we have years of experience working with and installing the roofing material, and we’ll happily debunk some of those age-old myths for you today.

Metal Roofs are Loud

In years gone by, metal roofs made quite the noise when it rained or hailed. This sound was incredibly distracting and annoying. But due to technological advancements and developments made to the material, metal roofing produces less sound than the standard asphalt shingle roof. This is due to the roofing’s solid sheathing, which serves as a noise reduction material.

Metal Roofing is Ugly

People often believe that metal rooftops are only available as long, dull sheets of gray. However, you’ll be delightfully surprised to know that today, metal roofing systems come in all shapes, colors, and styles, allowing you to style your metal rooftop according to your home’s architectural style and design aesthetic.

Metal Roofs are More Expensive

Upfront, metal roofing is a lot pricier than asphalt shingles. However, you’ll be saving a lot more in the long-term as metal roofing lasts a lot longer than asphalt shingles, they are easier to maintain, and they’re able to withstand severe weather conditions a lot better than an asphalt shingle roof.

Metal Roofing is Hotter in the Summer

Thanks to their fantastic UV reflectance features, metal roofs are an excellent option for homes in warmer areas. By reflecting the sun’s UV rays away from your rooftop, it helps to significantly cool the temperature inside your home, creating a more comfortable interior environment throughout the summer. By cooling your home, it gives your AC systems a break leading to lower energy bills.

The Best Metal Roofers In Town

At Beck Roofing & Restoration, our dedicated roofing specialists use only the best metal roofing materials on the market. We guarantee that you’ll love your new metal roof. For professional and efficient metal roofing services, give Beck Roofing & Restoration a call today.

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