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Let’s explore 4 Helpful Tips for Repairing Your Skylight in Houston. 

The skylights are a great way of letting the natural light inside your home. However, it is to be noted that just like any other part of your roof, the skylights are exposed to extreme weather conditions, which makes them vulnerable to damage. Lack of maintenance can also lead to damage in the skylights. Reaching out to the right people for skylight repair is important. If you have skylights installed at your home and you feel that, they need repair or maintenance, the best time for conducting an examination is summers.

1. Identify Leaks On Your New Roof

Sometimes, it can be difficult to identify whether the leak is related to the skylight or from any other part of the roof. You must take time and find out if the skylight is completely closed and the seals are in a good condition. Also, check the outside to ensure that the leaves, debris, and shingles are not blocking the natural flow of water off the Asphat Shingle roofing.

2. Check the Quality of Your Glass

The insulated glass frames can lose the seal or insulation over time and allow the water to enter the window. If it happens, you need a skylight replacement to explain the roofing experts in Houston. A sealed window will be clear. If the seal of your skylight appears compromised, you need to get either the frame replaced or just the glass.

3. Ensure the Flashing is Sturdy

The roof flashing consists of metal installed around the skylight curb. It’s designed in a way that it can match with the surrounding roof and create a water tight seal. Failed flashing can also lead to leaking. You can easily procure flashing kits and roof flashing cement from local home improvement stores, which can help in preventing further damage. However, it’s not a permanent solution and you need to remove the shingles around the skylight and reinstall the flashing along with new shingles.

4. Hire a Professional

The skylights are a part of the roofing system and it’s important to hire a professional for fixing the damages before they get worse. Repairing the damages on your own can be dangerous. Beck Roofing & Restoration works for skylight leak repair and replacement. Services are also available in surrounding locations including Tomball, Magnolia, The Woodlands, Rosenberg, and Katy TX.

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