What to Expect During Your Siding Installation

What to Expect During Your Siding Installation

Jun 16, 2019

Siding replacement or installation highly depends on your own house and its attributes. You do not need to understand this process completely but understanding it will make sure that you will help you manage project expectations and have a smooth and flawless home improvement experience

The Timeline of a Siding Installation

The size and complexity of the structure of your house play an important role in deciding how much time will it take to install siding in your house. But usually, you can expect an approximate of 10 to 14 days.

How to Prepare Your Home for Your Siding Installation

Trim, or tie back, trees and shrubbery near your home, clear all items away from your home’s exterior, remove pictures, shelves, and valuables that may risk falling, keep your driveway clear to allow workers easier access to your home, park your vehicles further away from your home, keep all children and pets away from the work area.

Siding Installation Steps and Procedures

Old Siding Removal

Firstly, beck roofing and restoration will remove your old siding. The contractor and team will check if there is some water damage or not in your house or not.

Wall Preparation

It is very important to prepare the wall in order to create a strong base for your future siding.

Insulation Installation

After the wall has been prepared, your contract will begin the process of insulating the installation.

New Siding Installation

Finally, they will install your new siding. If there is a requirement of paint in your siding, it might take another few days

Factors That May Impact Your Siding Installation

Water damage, rot, and evidence of asbestos

If your contractor finds out that there is water damage in the wall, this might need immediate repair and add to your cost.

Sheathing repair

Once the installation of siding has started, your contractor might discover that the sheathing of your old siding is damaged. This is not costly at all but might require additional days to fix it depending upon the size of your house.

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