Interior & Exterior Painting

Interior & Exterior Painting in Houston

If you are painting a home that has already been painted, you will want to inspect it closely for chips or cracks that may cause uneven paint layers. Bleach will kill off any existing mold or mildew on the surface. Before you start painting, there are also other steps to take.

Interior & Exterior Painting in Houston and Richmond

Prepare the Surface

You may want to get started painting as soon as possible, but preparing your surface is an essential part of painting your home. Whether it is interior or exterior paint you will want to cure any materials that need it, such as stucco. If you are working with stucco, you can keep it wet with a hose, and it will be cured in about 10 days. At Beck Roofing & Restoration we consider every element and being with the exterior and interior painting in Houston.

Caulk Imperfections

Grab a tube of caulk and be prepared to fix all cracks and other imperfections on your home. Even window frames and molding need to be caulked in order to seal cracks and fill in areas that would allow water and other debris to enter the home. If you are working with stucco, you can patch it up with additional stucco and allow it to cure. This is important whether you’re doing interior or the exterior in Houston or Richmond.

Prime Time

Taking the time to prime makes all the difference in the appearance of your home. If the walls are chalky or covered in dust, use a chalky wall sealer because the paint will have a hard time sticking to a chalky or dusty surface. If your home is newly constructed, use a latex primer for materials like wood and vinyl. For stucco, a hot stucco primer works wonders.

Use a High-Quality Paint

Exterior paint should be made of acrylic latex without any additives. Pigments provide the color you desire, solvents give them their spreadability, and binders allow the paint to stick to the wall. Most paints for exterior walls are water-based. As the paint dries, the solvent evaporates, leaving behind the binders and the pigments in the paint.

Another important tip is to make your home stand out from the rest by choosing colors that catch the eye and go well together. You will want to pick a color scheme that looked good against all backgrounds, day or night.

There is not even an iota of doubt when we say that we’re the best you can hire for interior and exterior painting in Richmond, Houston or other surrounding areas in Texas.

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