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Everyone wants a solid and sturdy roof over their heads, especially when rotten weather comes howling. While roofs are designed to withstand a broad range of elements, there are still some that can cause lasting damage to the materials. For individuals living in Houston, TX, the most common sources of lasting damage are fire and water. To help you recover after a disaster that has left your home in poor condition, Beck Roofing & Restoration is here to help with comprehensive fire and water damage restoration.

Houston’s Fire Damage

Fire damage has lasting effects on the structure of a home, including the roof. When a fire occurs, it consumes many of the materials responsible for keeping the building safe to live in. The roof is no exception, as the underlying beams can be weakened and burned to the point where they are at risk of caving in under the pressure of the roof. Likewise, it is possible to experience significant tar and shingle damage, depending on the area of the fire and the type of roof you possess.

When it comes to fire damage restoration in Houston, TX, we are the people to call. Our skilled team of employees possesses decades of experience in identifying fire damage at the smallest level. After assessing the situation, they can remove weakened materials and replace them with stronger models so your roof remains durable and able to protect you from the tremendous heat of the summer months.

Water Damage in Houston,Tx

Restoration for water damage is one of our most frequently sought after services. Water damage can occur during a severe thunderstorm but is more likely to build up over a period of time because of poor sealing. Over time, the materials used to keep shingles in place can erode, revealing the wood underneath. When attacked by water, the wood weakens and can molder, eventually resulting in leaks and structural insecurity.

Water damage is difficult to detect if you don’t have experience roofing. Unless a leak appears in the middle of your home, you might be unaware that the roof is eroding above you. If you are worried about potential water damage, there are a couple of signs you can check for. Besides the obvious leaking, it is also possible to uncover granule filled gutters, cracking or blistering shingles, soft wooden decking, and even water spots on the location where the roof meets the walls.

Houston’s Fire and Water Damage inspection: How Can We Help?

In both of these situations, the common threat is the possibility of the roof collapsing. This is why we offer fire and water damage restoration to properties in Houston, TX. When called, Beck Roofing & Restoration send one of our skilled employees to get up on the roof and examine the extent of potential damage. If you have already detected an unsound structure, then the inspection can be performed without someone putting their entire weight on a potentially dangerous structure.

During the inspection, we look for the telltale signs of damage that are easily missed. If shingles are missing, damaged, or have been pulled away from their original location, we can check the underside to see the condition of the wooden structure underneath. Water damage restoration is our most common service for a reason, as a single displaced shingle can cause an enormous amount of damage thanks to exposure to moisture.

After inspection, we relate the damage to you and our recommendations to fix the roof. In the majority of cases, restoration involves removing materials that are too weak or damaged to remain in place. They are then replaced without needing to redo the entire roof, although it is possible to need a complete overhaul to protect you and your loved ones.

At the end of the restoration, we perform a final inspection to ensure nothing was missed. You can then return to normalcy and rest easy knowing your roof is safe and secure.

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