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Having a gutter system in your home is important. While some homeowners see it as a major expense, they should look at that expense from a different angle. Yes, it does cost money to install a gutter system. But it’s better to spend it on a gutter system rather than spend twice that much on issues that may affect the home due to the lack of one. Beck Roof And Restoration knows how gutter systems are beneficial and cost effective for your home. The following are seven ways that a gutter system will keep more money in your pocket:

Gutter Restoration: Foundation Repair in Richmond, Tx 

Foundation repairs are expensive. How expensive? In some instances, you’ll be looking at a repair bill of about $40,000. No joke. If water is pooling around your home, it can leak into the foundation and cause it to crack, shift, and even buckle. A gutter system is designed to divert rainwater away from your home’s foundation so it stays dry every time. On average, a gutter system can save you thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars on these types of repairs alone.


A flooded basement is never a fun thing to deal with. How does it happen? Well, runoff water that is collected near the base of your home will always find away to gain access inside it. Not only is your basement a place for potential flooding, but so is your garage and even parts of your home on the surface level. The cost of pumping an inch of water out of your home is costly. And the price can increase depending on the size of the room. Don’t forget the cost of all the furniture and appliances that will be replaced also. The average cost of pumping water out of your home will start at around $1,500. Once again, a gutter system can prevent this from happening.

Mold And Mildew

Untreated water damage can lead to a growth of mold and mildew throughout your home. Not only can it be a byproduct of a flooded home, water can gain access without even touching the ground. It can end up on your roof and find a way inside your home. This of course can lead to a leaky ceiling. The more moisture that is collected in your home, the likelihood of mold growth in your home will increase. And as long as mold sticks around in your home, it will continue to create potentially hazardous health issues for you and your family. A gutter system will save you a ton of money not only in restoration costs to eradicate the mold, but also the expenses from medical care.

Landscape Erosion

Yes, your garden needs water to survive. But as the old saying goes, too much is a bad thing. And it can destroy all the hard work that you put in. And landscape repairs can cost you a great deal of money. And so is replacing everything in your garden. A gutter system will make sure that your garden won’t get an excessive amount of water. Not only will it route water away from your home, it will also keep it out of your garden as well.

Water Bills

If you have a rain barrel, then you can use it in conjunction with your gutter system. The gutter will route water into large barrels so the water can be stored. The water can be used when the weather is much drier.

Exterior Damage

If your home doesn’t have a gutter system, rain water would run off your roof and your home’s exterior. The paint on your home can chip or peel. If your home has siding, it can even rot. Exterior innovation like roof replacements are costly and can run up a bill of just near $1,000 or more.

Insects And Pests

If there is one thing that insects and pests love, it’s standing water. A gutter system will prevent water from pooling around you home and keep the bugs and mice away. The last thing you need is insects and pests gaining access into your home. Also, termites are also attracted to standing water. And when they gain access to your home’s interior and exterior, they can inflict a lot of damage. Structural restoration and getting rid of the termites are both costly services in their own right. Getting rid of termites can cost you north of $1,000 while getting rid of mice will run anywhere between $150-$200 for the service.


After listing out these seven ways, it should be a no-brainer. You’re going to need a gutter system installed if you want to save yourself time, money, and even headaches. If you need a gutter installation in Houston, trust Beck’s Roof & Restoration to get the job done for you. For an estimate, you can contact us a 281-762-0856.

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